THE BELOW Workshops are samples from 2020. Workshops for 2022 are yet to be confirmed.

Duane Durst – Uniting the Church Through Political Conflict

Bill Kirk – Profile of an Overcomer: Staying Healthy through Crisis

Bob Reeves – The Sermon Process: Developing & Delivering Sermons

Gregg Johnson – Pressure Points: When Cultural Norms Meet Biblical Truth

Alliance Defending Freedom (Sherri Huston) – Ways You Can Protect Your Church, Case Examples, and Current Threats to Religious Freedom

Dave Nuzzolo – The Church’s Influence in Culture

Tim Adour – Keys for Building a Winning Ministry Team

Diana Adour –  Coaching for Excellence: Correcting Poor Performance

Tom Zahradnik – Emotional Intelligence and the Healthy Leader

Jared Berry – Trends the Youth Leader Cannot Ignore

Geoff Kaplan – Addressing Teen Sexuality and Gender Issues

Beth Greco – The Spirit Empowered Leader

Nik Adwalpalker – Designing Sundays to Impact Lives

David Mazzella – Current Trends the Church Cannot Ignore

Cris Lebron – Healthy Attitudes for Effective Worship Leaders

Lacey Davenport – The Elements of a High Impact Worship Service

Bob Lindenberg – Effective Visitor Care and Follow up

Caren Petfeld – Strategies for Assimilation & Discipleship

Tim Jenzen – Creating a Culture that Drives Your Vision

Siegfried Ignacia – Key Truths Every Leadership Team Must Know

Linda Schreck – The Many Hats of a Children’s Ministry Leader

Bethany Lizzol – Essential Targets for Effective Children’s Ministry

Jason Murphy – Difficult Conversations: Keeping Conflict Healthy

Cathleen Zahradnik – Overcoming the Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

Paul Mead – Balancing Truth with Compassion and Grace

Brenda Cates – Preventive Maintenance for Leaders

Kevin Kriesel – Removing Roadblocks to Personal Growth

Clay Glickert – Church Transformation Through Ministry to Seniors